Haiti as a nation is used to difficulty.  From earthquakes to hurricanes and from political unrest to epidemics, Haiti has endured it all.  COVID-19, however, is different. For the first time, the whole world is suffering from the effects of the virus. Supply chains are stretched thinner than ever before and governments and donors that normally give financial support to Haiti in trying times, are finding themselves in need to support in their own countries. Funding from large donors is not pouring in, but smaller organizations and the Haitian people are uniting, collaborating, and getting things done to educate the public, train healthcare providers, and obtain equipment and supplies necessary to combat COVID-19.

The Haiti Health Network with approximately 500 members has been working intently to strengthen connections and provide support to organizations around the country.  Every Monday night for the past 12 weeks, The Haiti health Network has convened the healthcare community both in Haiti and abroad to address the challenges presented by COVID-19 and work to solve them as a group.  Every single week at least one key connection is made to address a challenge being faced by an organization.

While the issues in Haiti surrounding COVID-19 are even more complex than in the US due to the addition of added fear, stigma, distrust, and unbelief, everyone is coming together to share ideas and resources and the impact has been profound.  Just last week we heard from Haitian physicians working to address the community unrest and distrust who shared practical ideas for other organizations to follow. We were also able to connect one hospital with some resources to help with an anti-coagulation protocol.

A huge thank you goes out to all members of The Haiti Health Network for coming together to make a difference despite the challenges.   To learn more about the Haiti Health Network or to join, visit: HaitiHealthNetwork.org.

Partners & Impact Summary:

ActivityRegion BenefittedKey Partners/BeneficiariesImpact
Delivery of medications and key PPE suppliesSud department, Nord department
Nord Ouest Department
Blessings International, Hope for Haiti, Americares, St. Rock Foundation,
Medical Benevolence Foundation, Cap Haitien Health Network, Paulos Group, AFYA Foundation, CapraCare
Key medications were purchased and donated in a collaborative effort to ensure clinics could continue to care for their chronic care patients during the COVID-19 epidemic. In addition vital PPE was donated or purchased, and distributed to clinics most in need. This allowed clinics and hospitals to remain open to care for patients while protecting staff.
Delivery of key medical diagnostic equipmentNord est department. Nord department, Nord Ouest DepartmentMinistry of Health Nord Department, Ministry of Health Nord Est Department,
42 facilities and 225 physicians and nurses
Equipping the caregivers and facilities kits provided key items like otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, thermometers, blood glucose units, and more
Delivery and installation of patient monitorsNord est Department
Nord Department
Ministry of Health Nord Department
Ministry of Health Nord Est Department
Hopital Sacre Coeur in Milot
Justinian Hospital
Hopital Fort Liberte
HCR Tru du Nord
HCR Ouanaminthe
Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon
A total of 75 monitors have been shipped, installed, and training has been provided. Goal is to standardize patient monitoring to make training, maintenance, and repair easier. Affects an estimated 2000 patients monthly.
Delivery of key items needed for oxygen therapyNord departmentJustinian Hospital and Hopital Sacre Coeur in MilotDelivered oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, oxygen tanks, regualtors, masks, and cannulas. These two large facilities are two of the three reference hospitals for COVID-19 in the Nord department and see dozens of patients daily in their COVID isolation units
Sharing of Community and clinical training resourcesAll of HaitiCap Haitien Health Network
Haiti COVID-19 Response Commission
Haiti Adventist Hospital
Addition of COVID-19 resource page to the Haiti Health Network website and hundreds of resources posted and shared by members. Average of 10 posts per day on various sites
Online database of healthcare providers and resources and printed directoriesAll of HaitiRelink Global HealthHundreds of searches over the past few months have quickly connected people in need with the healthcare resources they need in Haiti quickly. Hundreds of printed resource directories distributed in Nord and Nord est departments
Facemasks for public useSud DepartmentViBella
Hope for Haiti
Social enterprise, ViBella employs women from the deaf community and amputees to make purses and jewelry. During the pandemic, they have morphed to making masks for people in Haiti. Thanks to a connection made via the Haiti Health Network, they are donating masks to the prison system.
Delivery of midwife kitsNord Department
Nord est Department
Nord Ouest Department
Direct Relief, Cap Haitien Health Network, 15 birthing centers in the regionMaintaining existing medical services during a pandemic can be challenging but is vital. These kits are helping facilities take care of women and babies during these challenging times.