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Throughout the developing world, organizations are working to serve and meet the healthcare needs of the populations. With little outside funding or income, organizations face immense challenges delivering quality, consistent healthcare services. We believe that by using technology to connect organizations, patients, Providers, and suppliers you can improve quality, efficiency, and ultimately save more lives.

relinkglobalhealth.org is an easy to use, searchable, real-time service portal to connect patients and Providers with the medical resources they so desperately need.

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Connecting patients to medical resources to increase access to care, improve the quality of care, create sustainability and save lives.

Connecting Healthcare Providers

relinkglobalhealth.org provides a single, searchable database that distributes information about your organization and ensures it gets into the hands of those who need it most. By offering geolocated, real-time reporting of available services and medical facilities, providers will be able to identify the best options for their patients.

Solving Delivery Challenges

relinkglobalhealth.org provides healthcare organizations with the tools necessary to organize and increase efficiencies and quality in every area of the medical operation. We provide the support and structure to ensure operations are thriving well into the future and able to deliver high quality consistent care.

Together We Can Achieve More

relinkglobalhealth connects users to organizations offering medical services.

Connecting organizations to appropriate medical services efficiently
Offering resources to educate, encourage, and empower medical professionals
Providing operational support to improve efficiencies and access

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